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Monday, March 10, 2014

Disneyland, again

We went to Disneyland again last week.  What can I say, it's our happy place.

The kids got sick before we went, but not until after the time limit to cancel with trip insurance.  So off we went, with cold ease and DayQuil.  

We drove down on Sunday. We planned to go to the park, but it was so crowded that the huge parking structure was closed.  We decided to skip Sunday and go Friday, even though that would mean driving home from the park Friday night.

It started out decent, considering the kids weren't feeling well.  The kids kept getting sicker though.  At some point, Laura complained that her ear hurt. Now, Laura has a high pain tolerance.  Like when she had her tonsils out she was jumping on the couch that day and refused meds after that first day.

So, with her complaint, we headed off to urgent care one morning.  Took four of the five kids in.  Laura had a "raging double ear infection," Emma had one infected ear, Adams lungs were suspect and Sarah had a concerning cough.  Left with 3 prescriptions for antibiotics and one for one of the nastiest cough syrups known to man.  Armed with these, we headed off for more fun.

The funny thing about Laura's pain tolerance, once she took the first dose of antibiotics and one dose of ibuprofen, she was pain free.

Later that evening, for the first time ever, someone stole our backpack from our stroller.  Who does that?  It's not like it was a fancy bag or had expensive valuables. It had Adams extra clothes, his ear hat, pirate hook, Emma's personal journal and her wallet, which was hidden among the superhero undies. Also had a half eaten bag of generic lemon drops and a new bottle of kids ibuprofen.  There was also a half eaten push pop in the side pocket.  Trying to figure out if the push pop is what motivated the thief to choose our bag.

Anyway, I have some advice.  Do not stand in the line to see the Frozen characters.  Not worth the 3 hours for 30 seconds.  Also, spring for the churros, they rock. And the desserts at the French market.
And the Dole whip. Always the Dole whip.

If you need a timeout, the benches by the Rivers of America are great.  If the forecast calls for rain, get ponchos at Walmart.  

Walmart also sells new backpacks
And most cool ever, if it rains, the Jedi training academy is canceled and instead you can take pictures with darth vader, darth maul and the storm troopers.  And if you are nice about it, the storm troopers let you hug them.

If you have kids who can't ride rides at California Adventures, you can spend the time waiting by meeting characters.
Even if you are in a bad mood, you can still have fun at Disneyland.


Katie Bell said...

Good tips...I would've stolen the backpack for the undies....

Patty said...

I love how you were able to salvage the trip and have fun in spite of it all! If I ever make it to Disneyland I'll make sure to keep your tips in mind! :)