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Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Early Summer recap

Swim is her jam
Laura was awarded Gator of the Week at a swim meet early in the season. She has been proudly wearing the green cap ever since.
Wearing her swim love shirt

Wild Weekend
In early June, Laura, Emma and Sarah missed a swim meet to go camping with me and some girls in Laura's troop. We went to Wild Weekend at Girl Scout camp. 
Laura learned fire building

Emma canoed like a pro
Sarah joined up with some other Juniors in the high meadow after grooming the horses.
Not pictured is Sarah and Laura canoeing, Emma and Sarah braving serious mosquitos in the archery area, and singing goofy songs at the campfire.
All the other pictures have the other girls in them and well, Internet privacy and all that. 

Sarah and Emma took a dance class together again. Their ballet dance was Orange Marmalade and their tap dance was Deep Purple. 

For Father's Day we headed to WizardCon. We met Sebastian Stan, who wasn't very into fans at the time, Billy Boyd, who was a good sport and said "What about second breakfast?" for Howard, and Ray Park, aka Darth Maul, and Snake Eyes. He was really cool, spent time with people, and even took pictures for people with other actors and cosplayers.
Adam found this cosplayer and was happy that he was willing to take a pic.


Thanks to Gravity Falls, our family has a holiday we celebrate every June 22. It's Summerween, when we dress up, trick or treat and carve Jack O'Melons. 
Sarah as Chewbacca
Adam as Captain America
Annie as Darth Vader
Laura as a dancer
Emma wearing the ballet skirt with her tap costume 
The whole gang
The Jack O'melon

The idea is to give out loser candy. This year's candidate was Sugar Babies. Turns out the kids don't love the sugary deliciousness. Boo. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Laura's birthday

This year, Laura turned 8. Which means a birthday trip to Disneyland. Due to some planning glitches, Laura spent her actual birthday at Disneyland. She was okay with it, as long as she had breakfast in bed, and cake at the hotel. 
She requested an 8 shirt. I haven't made her a shirt since 4, but I guess she remembered the 3 and 4 shirts more than I thought. 

Carrot cake, with pigs all over, what could be better?
She brought several of her pigs with her and they enjoyed the cake also
Laura with Walt
Kid picture with Daisy
We love the updated Luigi ride
Emma in her blue car

Annie would like one of these when she gets her license.

Aww, Stanley
They were convinced I could take a good pic in this light. Silly kids.
At Disneyland, it can be your birthday all week!
Getting silly

Posing with the only princess they stopped for
Best friends
The only thing this kid asked for the whole time was popcorn
Didn't want to take this pic
Agreeable teens
One last pic before we go. What you don't see here, is that some crazy parents in line for Dumbo let their kids run around in the landscaping, eat dirt and bark, and then the kid threw up multiple times in line. So we headed over to Mr. Toad. 

It was a fun time for most of us. Howard wasn't feeling well, but he soldiered on, because relaxation was waiting for us in San Diego.
There are no pics of Annie or Howard, as they spent most of the beach time under towels and sun umbrellas. 

It was the down time Howard needed. We went to the original Rubio's, had amazing street tacos, shopped at all the touristy places, watched surfers, and some of us even saw SlowMo, a San Diego institution.

We also made time to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Uncle Tony and Aunt Rachel were there too. It was good to reconnect with family.
We can't wait to go back.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Adam's 6th birthday

Adam finally turned 6 in April.
He has been looking forward to being six for two years now! 
He chose delicious doughnuts as his breakfast.
His sisters gave him Star Wars related gifts. 
Laura even played Battleship with him.
She might have let him win. 
He loved his birthday, and his Star Wars themed everything. His actual birthday was pretty busy. Annie had a French class, and 4 of the kids had swim practice, including Adam. Then Sarah had Girl Scouts that she didn't want to miss. His party had to wait a few weeks.
Howard transformed the backyard into a Death Star type area. It rained that day so we had to improvise.
First, they made lightsabers.
They selected their character masks.
Then went outside to work with the training droid. They totally weren't hitting each other with lightsabers while waiting their turn.
Next it was into the training circles to knock down incoming enemies (foam baseballs).
The girl with the heart shirt nailed almost all of them!
Later they tried to avoid the lasers.
Everyone had a turn beating the Darth Vader piƱata, but it wouldn't die.
So finally they resorted to pulling the strings. Candy and toys for all!
He blew out the 6 candle in his Star Wars cupcake.
Then got down to the business of opening presents. 

It was a great birthday party, hardly anyone cried, everyone enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream and took home a lightsaber as a souvenir.