Monday, October 15, 2018

Early Fall activities

Sarah before braces

Sarah right after the braces were applied but before they started hurting.

Howard and I were able to take Sarah, Laura and Adam to Cub Scout Family Camp.  They were able to make corn husk dolls, do leather stamping, archery, animal tracks, orienteering, work on Whittling Chips, Adam worked on Bear Necessities, and we just had fun.

They did archery 3 times!
Once our Webelos den started meeting, the kids planned and budgeted for their Cast Iron Chef award  Their totally balanced meal was steak kabobs, hot dogs, grilled pineapple and a dutch oven peach cobbler.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Emma's Girl Scout Troop planned and budgeted for a trip to Disney's California Adventures.  They sold enough cookies to get tickets through the Disney Youth Education Series.  We all made our own ears and one of the moms made shirts for us.  

Emma, me and Grace

The Disney photographer insisted that we act scared.  We thought it was a clever addition to the Halloween decor.

The kids are listening to their guide teach them about animation

While most of the troop watched the Frozen show, I hung out with these 3, plus some new friends

Emma with her buddy Aimee.  That guy in the background refused to move, and was in all of our pictures at the entrance!

Emma made Rapunzel ears, I made Nemo/Dory ears

After dark, the Guardians ride gets a little more creepy.  This was our last ride of the night.  we are second row on the right.

On September 30, the last day of the Girl Scout year, Emma's troop all bridged up to join Emma as Seniors.  After this picture, the crazy girls jumped into the non-heated pool.  They grew from just 3 girls last summer to 6 this summer, which is pretty unusual for girls this age.  They mostly get along, which is a bonus.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

First Day of School 2018/2019

First day of school pics

After the first day of school pictures we went out to breakfast, again, because we can.  

 This year we are trying out a new curriculum, called Moving Beyond the Page.  There are no textbooks, just booklets.  The kids use the instruction booklets, novels, books and online information to learn their subjects.  There is a lot of hands-on work also.  For Adam and Laura, they have one literature unit and an accompanying unit that is either science or history.  For Sarah, she has literature and science, as her history is through a local vendor.  Technically, Laura is also taking history with the vendor, but she can handle both classes, as they are still elementary level.  Emma is just doing the Literature component, as the company is still rolling out the high school levels.
Emma's stack is to the left.  Laura's is on the right. I couldn't find erasers, etc in purple for Laura or black for Emma.

Adam is starting 4th grade math, and is learning about weather for his first unit. Note that orange is still his favorite color.

Sarah's stuff is of course green. 

The magazine holders contain about 1-2 units of schoolwork, depending on the size of the novels.  Its all stored in magazine holders, in the school closet.  
So far, they are tolerating it. Sarah thinks maybe she has too many science experiments.  Adam thinks he has too much writing.  Laura is happy that she finished her poetry unit already, as she hates poetry.  
I also added Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, Murderous Maths for fun reading, and Beast Academy for Adam.  He likes the comic book format.  

Another School Year

In just over a week, we will begin our 11th year of homeschooling.  What does that look like?  I don't know.  It kind of just happens at this point.  The kids are all involved in so many activities that I have a hard time keeping track.

Anne is working, and heading into her sophomore year of college.  She is living at home this year, because it makes more economic sense. She is an adult and does her own thing.  She worked two jobs this summer and was busy busy.

Emma is going to be a sophomore in high school  She is working on Driver's Ed and will hopefully get her permit in the next month or two.  She is finally taking the Art class she has been patiently waiting for.  She is continuing Spanish with her class.  She is doing fall swim again.  She dyed her hair purple today, but with swim starting next week, it probably won't last.  She is taking Earth Science this year.  Since she took World History last year, she is attempting to take Piano and Ballet as well as her Math and English classes.  She is still a Girl Scout, although her troop is transitioning more toward hanging out, while she works on her Gold Award.  She continues to serve as a Program Aide and pursues outdoor adventures. She also loves K-pop and Korean shows, keeping up Snap streaks, Buzzfeed Unsolved and a myriad of other teenage things.

Sarah is going into 7th grade.  She got braces earlier this month.  She has been taking ballet over the summer with the hope of getting bigger parts in the local production of The Nutcracker.  She is taking all the usual classes for 7th grade.  She is considering taking a year off violin, but wants to continue Spanish.  Sarah is still a self-starter and can be relied on to get her work done and then take time to relax.  She has been watching Supernatural with Emma, so its best not to sneak up on her, or she might throw some salt at you.  Sarah is also still in Girl Scouts.  She has been working more independently.  She did go to camp this summer and worked on archery, canoeing and mountain biking.

Laura has decided to do it all this school year.  Since Cub Scouts admitted girls, she has joined Webelos.  She has until the end of May to finish Webelos and Arrow of Light.  She has finished one pin already, is mostly finished with the second, is working on her first Faith in God, and Stronger, Faster, Higher.  She is planning on doing Aquanaut and Sports for her elective pins.  She is also still a Girl Scout.  Her troop is working on the Bronze Award, she is in the middle of two leadership journeys and earned 2 skill building badges at camp.  She is also doing fall swim, and taking the Spanish class with Sarah.  She wants to play fall baseball but I don't know where she can fit that in.  She is taking all the 5th grade courses, plus an additional history course with an outside teacher who makes it fun.  I have yet to schedule piano lessons, which she tolerates, but is really talented.  Laura finished her Summer Swim league with the Coaches Choice Award, was one point away from High Point award, and won the Swim-a-thon for 9/10 girls.  She qualified for Meet of Champions in butterfly and 50 Freestyle, but we didn't attend this year.  She has been hanging out with her friends Madalyn and Khloe, and spending lots of time on Roblox with Madalyn.  

Adam will be in 3rd grade.  His reading has taken off lately.  He recently got glasses, which is making a huge difference.  He loves to be active and is counting down the days until fall baseball starts, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and community basketball.  Adam is a Bear in Cub Scouts now.  Howard is the den leader and has quite a few outings in mind.  Adam earned his Shooting Sports at Day Camp and is working on his Whittling Chip.  He is also becoming a good popcorn salesman. He loves watching Youtube videos, and playing Roblox.

The big news for our family is that we are having a pool put in.  Yay! Howard has wanted a pool since before we moved back to California.  We decided to go for it early this summer.  It should be finished sometime in September.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can get some swimming in before it gets too cold.  I also bought a new car in May.  With all the driving I do, it didn't make sense to drive a Suburban anymore.  So now I have a more fuel efficient Hyundai Santa Fe.  I kind of love it.  The kids hate that I listen to podcasts all the time now, muah haha.