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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warning, pictures with poor composition!

So somehow yesterday I found a little bit of time.  By that I mean I told Sarah and Laura to go play Barbies while Adam played Legos and none of them were to bug me.

I didn't put up the bead board.  If you remember, my awesome husband did that a few months ago.  What I did was paint it, and the baseboards leading into the bathroom, and the bathroom baseboards.  I know, doesn't sound like much, but bead board is a thirsty material, and paint is a major kid-attractor. 

I am not sure about the clock with the plates.  I do need a big visible clock and the one in the living room totally doesn't count.  What do you think, keep the clock or relocate it?  Also, I don't love the curtains, but needed something there, as the afternoon sun shines directly in our eyes while we eat dinner. Suggestions on window coverings will also be taken into consideration.  Ideally we we would have new french doors with built-in blinds but hey, life isn't ideal.  If it was, the computer wouldn't be in the dining room, which is incidentally where school takes place every day.

So the moral is, when you skip out on your oldest daughter's softball game and force your kids to use their imagination, painting can occur. Incidentally, there was an incident at the game wherein an irate dad threatened Howard because he perceived that his daughter wasn't getting enough playing time.  I always miss the good ones. 

As an added bonus for reading this, you get to see Annie in her trial run outfit for graduation.  Yes, her hair is curled!


Rachel said...

Good blog mom. You are a very good writer. I love you.

- Emma

Helen & Bill said...

Personally, I like the clock there. It breaks up the blue and white dishes which by the way look great. The bead board looks clean and crisp and Anne looks super cute. Good job on all of your "creations".

Katie Bell said...

I like the clock, I'll take it? And I love the bead board, so glad you posted pictures, finally....

for curtains, you should take yourself to IKEA, buy their plain white tabbed curtains and then paint vertical or horizontal stripes on them. It has to be way easier than bead board....anything is, right?

I have the white curtains and they're surprisingly heavy duty and block quite a bit of light.

Either way, I can't wait to see what you come up with and to receive the clock in the mail.

Hi, Anne, I love your outfit.