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Thursday, May 30, 2013

8th grade Graduation

Last Wednesday Annie had her 8th grade graduation.  She and I are both still kind of in shock that she is old enough!  We knew it was coming, but bam! Suddenly she is finished with Jr. High and ready for High School.  How can that be when she is only 9? Okay, she is really 13 but it doesn't seem like she should be here yet, I am not ready for it.

Her ceremony was held in Carmichael, at a church near the school office.  It was not a formal occasion, but sometimes a girl's gotta look pretty.  

Annie and her friend NiKole

I don't know if you can tell, but her ipod is sneakily present in many of the pictures.  Adam wanted no part in pictures.  I was kinda hoping my dad would bring his huge camera and take all sorts of non-rachel quality shots, but we were lucky that he and my mom made it to the ceremony at all.

After the ceremony we went out to eat.  Annie thoroughly approved of the locale: Cattlemen's.  Howard and I arranged for a 2 hour surfing lesson in a few weeks for her graduation gift. Congratulations Annie!


Katie Bell said...

Congratulations Annie!

Helen & Bill said...

Hard to believe that little blond baby is going to be in high school. She looked to pretty on her special day. Rachel, you're giving your dad some serious competition in the photo dept. Those pics turned lovely! Of course, cute girl, girls, cute pictures!