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Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Monday post

Today is Monday, yet again.  The school year is winding down.  Our last official day is the 31st.  Emma and Sarah have finished their history and science, Sarah has been finished with Language Arts for some time.  Annie only has to finish her current module in Science and then one more.  Schooling is way more relaxed right now.

It is also nearing the end of softball/t-ball season.  We have been mega busy with coaching Sarah and Laura's t-ball team, Howard coaching Annie's team and Emma having games and practices also.  There have been very few nights where we just stay home, and the Saturdays have been occupied since March.

Today we are planning another full day, with school starting at 9, then going to a trampoline place from 1-2pm.  Then after the drive home, we will finish up any school.  Annie has a game tonight and needs to be there at 6pm.  I went ahead and rescheduled Sarah's violin lesson for Thursday because honestly, we have missed it the last two weeks because I forget and don't remember until the school is closed!

Annie's graduation is on Wednesday evening.  I am a little worried because even though I registered for it, all the email reminders about registering (automated from the school) are freaking me out that somehow her registration didn't register and we will go there and they will not have her diploma.  That kind of thing always happens to her.

This Saturday we have a free day so Howard is going to try to install/relocate sprinklers in the strip of land next to the horribly made parking strip.  I don't say try because of any lack of ability on Howard's part, just because whenever we dig we find all sorts of stuff that doesn't makes sense.  The pvc lines we can see may not actually Then we are going to plant some freesia and other plants like grasses and finish it off with mulch.  There were rosebushes and box elder there, with red lava rock.  Seriously, who plants rosebushes right where you will be getting out of the car?  The roses have been relocated to my parents house, not in the walkway next to the driveway, imagine that.  Oh, and Sarah has been invited to a birthday party, so gotta fit that in.

We have oodles of plans, but not enough time to do them.  In addition to all the yard work I have sewing projects (re-sizing cool men's shirts to fit Annie, attaching elastic to sweats, pillowcases, skirts, curtains, pajama pants and of course, American Girl clothes that will later be left on the floor and stepped on or forgotten in the garage or backyard) and painting projects (beadboard, hall bathroom, Adam's room, the exterior). Annie is trying to decide what color to dye her hair (I asked her to wait until after graduation).

Annie will be going to Girl's Camp the second week of June.  Emma will be attending basketball camp at a local college the same week.  We have to track down stuff for Annie and arrange rides for Emma. Then we will be going camping in the Santa Cruz mountains for Sarah's birthday shortly after they get back.   We still need to make a bucket list for the summer to help determine what we will do to not be bored.

  Now I just have to wake up the kids so we can get started!

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Katie Bell said...

That is a ton of sewing projects, I mean a ton. You can do it...I kinda think the hardest part will be waking up the kids...