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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laura is 5!

On April 25, Laura turned 5.  Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday she was a bald little baby and now she is tall and strong with a wild mane of curly brown hair.  She knows her letters, numbers, colors and is playing T-ball very enthusiastically.  She loves Gravity Falls and Poptropica and Reading Eggs.  She likes to jump on the trampoline, pick up roly polies and catch bees.  She likes mustaches, animal tattoos, zhu zhu pets and wearing a particular green dress every day she possibly can.  She likes rainbows and candy and popsicles and can ride a bike without training wheels. She especially likes her cousins and is sad that Josh is not coming to visit this summer :(  Her favorite colors are red and blue and yellow.  Her favorite food is pizza, even though she only eats the first bite.  She hates taking naps, eating regular meals and any time she has to stop playing.  She is fun and sweet and spunky.  I love this kid!

Sweet baldy baby

Actually wearing her hearing aids

Helping out at the old house in CO

Big sister Laura in 2010

The Madeline phase

With her first ear hat

Right after she played Rapunzel before her 3rd birthday

Laura's 4th birthday...She loves that dress!

At the Ren Faire
                                                Mustaches are the perfect accessory
Birthday morning

Her very own Merida bow and arrow set

Did I mention Laura loves candy?



She loves candy a lot

Enjoy your year big little Laura.


Katie Bell said...

Love that cake...and that girl.

Helen & Bill said...

What a cute spunky little girl! Her mommy is an excellent writer!

Helen & Bill said...

Love all those pics!