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Monday, December 31, 2012

Still here

Adam with the Daisy
We are still here.  For the last month, I have been enjoying life without thinking about blogging it.  Crazy, I know.  Howard and I have been busy re-arranging the living room, hanging pictures, and building an IKEA hack bookcase.  Insert pictures here.  Find camera first.

Laura has a blonde 'stache??
With the break from school, we have been sleeping late, watching movies, playing with our fun Christmas games and dealing with AT&T and the bad phone connection.  Now that the end of break is in sight, I am starting to buckle down and plan for the spring semester.

Annie calls this her homeschool bananagrams
For the first time in several school years, at least 2 kids will finish their entire math curriculum before the end of the year!  Its seriously good progress, especially since they didn't have the books until a few weeks into the school year, and Sarah will have completed 1 1/2 years worth.    We will also finish Science, with a couple of weeks left to cover any missed state standards.  I might even get something to dissect.  Eew.
 awesome Pinterest inspired activity

For the New Year we are planning on more small but effective house upgrades, like fixing broken door jambs, bathroom fan upgrades, shelves in closets.  We would also love to paint the exterior, but we will see.
Science experiment captured for the blog

 The main goal for 2013:  learn while having fun, and make it to the beach!!

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Helen & Bill said...

The living room and dining room look great! A break from the books is always fun. It's been a real blessing living closer and being able to see and enjoy you and your family. Happy New Year!