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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Living room before and after

Okay, its taken awhile for us to start to feel really moved in, especially in the living room. 

It started like this, a nondescript beige-y brown, it didn't look good.

We kinda stuck whatever furniture in the room. Sorry, all I could find was a picture from last Christmas.  

           Then we found this on Pinterest.  Totally doable!  And it would help with our book storage dilemma.                          

This is how it turned out for us.  The fabric bins are temporary, until I get real baskets.  
                                      I know, I am not so good at glamour shots of furniture.

And another angle, because I can.

So then we had the long wall that the couch is on.  Not the one with the window, but this is the only before picture, from before we moved in.  The wall was a big expanse of more of that poopy brown. 

We finally hung pictures.  

 So with this angle, you can see that by rearranging the furniture and putting in the bookshelf, we gained more space, which is way important as the room is quite small.

For more reference, similar shots of the room last Christmas

And this Christmas.

                                                                        There ya go.


Karen said...

It turned out great! Thanks for posting pictures. I will stop bugging you about it now. Maybe I'll update my blog...someday! ;-)

Patty said...

Wow! That turned out fantastic! It looks great!

Diamond said...

Very cool. We need to invest in bookcases. Books are overtaking the house faster than toys.

Helen & Bill said...

Looks great!