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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Trip

Last Monday we took a quick trip to Colorado.  Howard had a training meeting and we decided to take over share his hotel room and rental car.  Luckily the hotel room was within walking distance, because we used the van all day, every day.

We got together with the Kers and Johnsons, and Annie and Emma spent the night at the Dorny's.  We revisited Hammond's Candies, some cool parks, Gunther Toody's and the Cinema Grill.  We even had family pictures taken before Annie spent the last few hours at her friend Hailee's house.  It was a pretty jam-packed 4 days and we were ready to come home and relax.

We have yet to relax, as we are very busy this week too, with Tuesday school, basketball games, piano lessons, basketball practices, YW and activity days.  In addition, a chicken had been hanging around the front of our house.  My crazy kids tried for two days to catch it.  I finally plopped a laundry basket on it yesterday after my visiting teachers left. Two broken LED light strands (kids were using sticks to move the chicken out of trees) and a feeder and a waterer later, and we have a free chicken hanging out in a cardboard box in the garage.  Howard "gets" to build a triangular chicken tractor this weekend in his spare time.  And at some point, we need to figure out if its a hen or a rooster.  Time will tell.

This weekend may bring some sort of break to relax, but so far its not on the schedule.

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Helen & Bill said...

Relax, what's that? Isn't visiting friends and relatives great?