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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Think week I am thankful for so many things.

1.  My kids are caught up with their school work and I just need to grade their work for their report cards.

2.  Howard is working from home.

3.  My husband is awesome.  

4.  The weather has been nice enough to have outdoor basketball practice.

5.  I was able to take the kids to the park during said practice.

6.  We have plenty of food to eat, a snug little house to live in, and good health.

7.  Harry Potter movies never get old

8.  Reading The Hobbit aloud is so much better, and it forces me to pay attention to what I read instead of skimming.

9.  I have amazing friends I can pick up and chat with and it feel like we are just down the street.

10.  Annie is old enough and mature enough to hold down the fort so Howard and I can go on our romantic dates to Winco once a week.

11.  Our old dog still loves us, even though we don't spend much time with him.

12.  Our charter pays for the kids music, ballet and horseback riding lessons, and covers some art supplies.  And jump ropes.  And 1 bouncy ball per student per year.  And they have scholastic sales, school pictures and id cards. ( Sadly, we will be out of town for the scholastic sale, school pictures and id cars.  But hey, they are available.)

13.  DVR.

14.  Cinnamon pinecones

15.  Not hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

16.  Living 6 minutes away from Thanksgiving dinner, so if the relatives get out of hand, we can just leave and be home and safe without a long drive.

17.  Dry erase markers and sheet protectors.

18.  Kids who are generally good.

19.  The Galt market.  Seriously.  Why pay more for cheap shoes that kids are going to destroy anyway?  Plus the people watching.

20.  Dr. Pepper 10.


Helen & Bill said...

Rachel, I love your list!

Patty said...

You have a terrific list! Many of the things you listed made me smile. :)

Katie Bell said...

I'm thankful for best friends who I can convince to come visit the crazy over here and for husbands so we can make unannounced trips to buy cheap pears and enamel pots. Counting down to April, seriously.