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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perks of Homeschooling

One of the reasons we choose to homeschool our kids is so we can take trips when we want to, not when the school says they can.  And so, on Sunday, November 4, we told our kids that we weren't going to a family reunion, as we had previously told them.  We were going to Disneyland!  After much frenzied running around and shrieking, we piled in the car and drove for 6 hours to Anaheim.  We went for a swim, then walked around Downtown Disney, barely able to contain our excitement.

We had an awesome week.  The lines were very short, the kids were pretty well-behaved and the bathrooms were always clean.  The updated Star Tours was a huge improvement.  Radiator Springs Racers was fun.  Adam loved the Buzz Lightyear ride.  He even got to meet Buzz and Woody.  Sarah and Laura were able to meet Merida.  Annie and Emma had their first unaccompanied hours at the park.  I would have to recommend against the Rocket Reds Pizza.  It was disappointing and outright nasty.  Quite disappointing as it was our last meal at the park.  It was another successful vacation for our family and we are looking forward to going again sometime in the distant future.

The kids brought their journals and their math.  I don't know what they wrote in their journals, but I am sure it was Disneyland related.  Annie and Emma were able to email writing assignments to their teacher, and they finished their math work packets this week.  The downside (for the kids) to this is that they are having a light week of school next week, instead of a week off, catching up on the science and history they missed on the trip.  And of course, being there inspired 2 new writing assignments:  Walt Disney biography for Emma and a Abraham Lincoln biography for Annie.

Next month we have a quick trip to CO and then we will take it easy until we go to Monterey in February.  I love having a flexible schedule!


Helen & Bill said...

I'm so glad your family had a great time!

Helen & Bill said...

Love the pictures too!