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Friday, April 27, 2012

Since we returned from Oregon, we have been busy with birthdays.  Technically, we drove home on Adam's birthday, but he didn't care.  We had my parents and the Heather and David's over on Saturday, after games for a little birthday shindig for the boy.  The kids had a blast whacking each other with pool noodle light sabers and jumping on the trampoline.  Adam was happy with all the boy stuff he got.

Wednesday was Laura's birthday, so we celebrated it by going to the Nelson's and attending Nathan's birthday party.  Thursday was Nathan's birthday, so Laura had a party.  Its what happens when cousins in the same town have birthdays the day after each other. 

Laura's was her first friend party, and the theme was rainbows.  I think she was happy with it, and that is what matters, right?

School-wise, here is what is going on:
Sarah is becoming more familiar with silent e words
Annie is understanding factoring much better this time
Annie and I are fed up with her history curriculum and are studying WWI on our own
Emma is learning about Imperialism, starting with India
We are on a new set of fallacies
Latin is getting harder
Life skills practice is becoming a daily activity, especially baking cakes using a recipe
PE is learning T-ball, softball, and running around like crazy in the front and back yards

I am sure there is more, but Sarah, Laura and I are off to another birthday party.


Patty said...

You are an inspiration! Seriously, you amaze me with all of your talents and everything you do.

Helen & Bill said...

Patty said it well. I hear that birthday party for Laura was really special. Awesome cupcakes!