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Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy with softball and t-ball, that is how best to cover this last week, and quite frankly the rest of this month.  Once May is over, we will be able to breathe again.  We're not planning on any team sports in the fall.

One big change:  we are strongly considering using a charter school in the fall.  We will most likely still be able to use the curriculum that we want.  We'll still be buying Apologia and LLATL, and SOTW, but our extra-curriculars will be paid for by the charter.  It does mean that I will have to file more paperwork, and have home visits every 20 days.  For the kids, it means the dreaded state testing.  I don't know if I can turn down the money, though, at this point in our lives.  We can't cover all the girls' varied interests, so this may be just what we need.

Also, sadly, our mascot died last Saturday.  Our fighting fish, Dead Tom Wendy Killer was found at the bottom of his vase Saturday afternoon.  We buried him in the backyard, in a crystal radio box.  Annie and Emma both wrote and said some beautiful words.  We covered his grave with a stone to keep in undisturbed.  Most of the kids agree it is too soon for Thankful Haven Academy, Home of the Fighting Fish to get a replacement fish.  Dead Tom will be missed. 

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