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Howard and Rachel
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have done my first solo driving road trip  with all 5 kids and lived to tell the tale.
 I had a grand time with Katie.  Our kids got along well.  Annie was nice enough to babysit a few times.  We made some crafts, bags for me and Annie, and a Happy Birthday banner that will be in use here for pretty much the rest of this month. Katie busted out the serious wire cutters to alter a birdhouse.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Katie made  delicious food every day.  The kids chased chickens almost every day.  Many games were played by the kids in the huge yard.  My kids were on their best behavior.  Aside from the first day where Adam forgot he was potty-trained, he was a trooper.

How do you know someone is a really good friend?  When your kids stands up and fully empties his bladder in the high chair and she and her husband don't bat an eye.  That is love, I tell you.  Oh, by the way Katie, he also may have peed on that quilt he was sleeping with, just FYI.

Amazingly, despite the 9 kids playing hard all over the house, it is still standing.  My kids are begging me for chickens.  Even though we probably drove them crazy, Katie and Bryce invited us to come back in the fall.  I think I will bring Howard, if possible, for additional crowd control. 


Helen & Bill said...

wow, you're amazing to do that trip alone! I'm happy you had such a great time

Katie Bell said...

Wait, what quilt was he using? And who's jungle is that...I was expecting to see a monkey at any time. We didn't invite Howard...just kidding...seriously, October! Thanks for the kind, slightly exaggerated compliments.