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Saturday, April 14, 2012

No posts next week

  The kids and I are spending some days next week with Katie from For Whom the Bell Told.  I know you are jealous.  I would be if it wasn't me going.  To distract you from your issues, think on what will be accomplished during this time:

Finish the cabinets already

Finally put a second coat of paint on our ceilings

(Fingers crossed) Working sprinklers in the front yard

Howard did some exploratory surgery today on the sprinklers and found at least one significant broken pipe.  The fun part?  It was in a mound of dirt and rocks, and covered with 2 old Coca Cola cans.  Who knows what he will find as he plays connect the PVC pipe!

The kids and I will be doing our part by not messing up the house while we are gone, and bringing some science dvds to review while at Katie's.  I am bringing select school books, so that if the kids complain of boredom at any point, they can be put straight to work.  Plus, Emma only has 15 more math lessons left and we both want her to just be finished with Saxon already.

And since I haven't had any kid photobombs lately, here ya go, Opening Day ceremonies in our little town:

Howard leading his Giants

Sarah ready for action in her Giants jersey

Emma in Dodger Blue, with her Giants World Series T-shirt underneath


Some pictures of the progress so far and the goofy man who has my back.  Love ya Howard!

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Helen & Bill said...

Have a great time visiting Katie and drive safely. The girls look adorable and Howard as the fearless leader will be an awesome coach if they don't drive him crazy. Have a great week. You too Howard- work, work, work.