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Monday, April 9, 2012

What's on our plate

We have lots of plans for this week.  They include:

-more words with 2 vowels together
-most commonly used words
-counting by 10's to 50
-adding vertically to 10
-blending with tempera paint
-dividing with remainders
-Ottoman empire around 1683
-The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
-note taking and report prep work
-Latin in the Perfect system
-World War I using War Horse
-Genetic fallacies and chapter review
-continuing potty-training
-living and non-living
-softball, softball and T-ball
-submitting items to county fair for 4-H
 -sanding and painting cabinets

You can probably figure out who is doing what.  I found free curriculum at homeschool movie club for War Horse.  It happens to coincide with our current study of WWI and is a tad more interesting than the autobiography of the Red Baron.  We also watched A Little Princess as a family movie for another WWI tie-in.   Maybe I should re-watch Downton Abbey for a refresher for me??

As far as the cabinets go, we still have a lot to do, seeing as how we do live in a house with 5 kids who are constantly interrupting with ridiculous demands, like food, sleep, attention, etc.  For a teaser, though, I'll attach a lovely pic from before:

That's right.  This is the lovely range and hood that came with the house.  Fantastic, no?


Helen & Bill said...

Sweet! Is this called shabby chic?

Helen & Bill said...

You guys have made so many improvements to your home! It's looking good.

Katie Bell said...

Horrible teaser...