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Friday, February 10, 2012

Signs that you are a really bad mom

1.  You attempt to give your son a little trim, not noticing one of the prong-things on the clipper extension is broken, cutting every 12th hair to a no-extension/bald length.

2.  You try to fix it by shaving all the back hair off, and when he starts to cry, you leave him looking moth-eaten for 2 days.

3.  You have the same 2 laundry baskets of folded clothes on Friday that you folded on Monday sitting in your living room.

4.  When the hygienists compliment your children on how good they are, you tell them to just wait.  Then you feel justified when they fight with each other over junky toys from the treasure box.

5.  After being informed that your 5 year old needs 4 fillings, a root canal and a silver cap, you cringe and think you may as well have been giving her Tampico in a bottle all this time. 

6.  Your 9 year old cries because she never got a cool silver tooth.  The same 9 year old who had 4 cavities herself.

7.  Even though your insurance refuses to cover it, you still torture your 12 year old with 18 more months of braces and several fillings, with no Novocaine.  In your defense, you declined the nitrous oxide and did tell them to use the Novocaine. 

8.  After an eventful day of cleanings and wonderful plans to spend the rest of your tax return on teeth, you okay your husband's idea to get some Pepsi.  After this fun day, you feel that you deserve it.  After the kids are in bed of course.  Everyone knows that soda rots your teeth. 

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Helen & Bill said...

oh my goodness! I see big $ signs!