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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ALEKS math

Our family was given the opportunity through TOS to review ALEKS math.  Anne was the most enthusiastic reviewer on this one, so I am giving her the chance to write a review on it.
Take it away Anne:

Okay, Anne here.  I was kinda excited to review ALEKS.  I'd heard it was good.  My dad said he used it for one of his classes.  I was wondering how I was doing in math.  I started ALEKS and took my beginning test. It wasn't bad and to my surprise it was actually kind of fun.After the test it takes you to your pie chart which looks like this:
After this you select a piece that looks like it needs work and select a topic.It is pretty self explanatory and easy. You can do the problem it shows, have it be explained to you, or learn how to use their tools if you need to.When you are  done it will have you do another similar problem unless you got it wrong and then they have you do it again. After a few times they say you are done and you return to your pie.
The littler people have games that they can play but I haven't seen any on mine. One thing I can do though is message people. I can message my mom and any of my siblings that I want. Me and Emma sent tons as soon as we figured out that we could message each other.

What does ALEKS stand for?   ALEKS stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. It uses adaptive technology to tailor learning to each person.  So just because I am working on middle school math doesn't mean I am working on the same stuff as any other middle school kid.  Lets just pretend that I am totally awesome at ratios but need work on long division.  Since I have mastered ratios, I won't be working on those, but on division.  I can do some division, and then work on measurement.  It will track where I am, so the next time I log in, I start where I left off.

I like that I can work on it on any computer, after a brief download.  Sometimes my sisters hog the PC, so I do it on the laptop.

Age range and price- ALEKS is for grades 3-12 and beyond, as my dad has used it.  $19.95 a month, $99.95 for 6 months, or $179.95 for 12 months. Discount pricing is available for families with more than one child.  If you want, and are a new user, you can get a free trial.

I want to keep using this, as I think it is a good program.  Hint, hint, Mom.

Our disclaimer:  We received a subscription to ALEKS in exchange for our review.  This review is our own, unless there is some sort of alternative universe that parallels our own and they are simultaneously writing an identical review, which is highly unlikely.

You can see what other TOS reviewers think of this program here. 

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