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Monday, February 6, 2012

Long awaited beds

So I have been talking for a while about hanging beds for Annie and Emma.  We found the idea on AnaWhite. We promised the girls that if we moved to California, they could get these beds.  Well, their room wasn't configured to have beds just like the project idea, and they didn't want bunks.  So Howard, being the awesome man that he is, adapted the plans to fit their room.

They now have L-shaped hanging beds.  See that groovy red ladder?  It has been replaced by a real wooden ladder that Mr. Awesome adapted to fit the spot.  He also added the rails, not necessarily for the girls.  We know its inevitable that the little kids will climb up there, so the rail is just a precaution for them. 

There are big plans in the works for decorating.  Current ideas:  Christmas lights strung around the bottom, stuffed animals hanging from the chains, Anne's window from Katie hung like this or like this.  And somehow incorporate her copy of No More Deliveries, which is a copyrighted photo just like the one that you can enter to win  in a few days.  Emma plans on plastering her side with Justin Beiber posters, just to annoy Annie. 

So there you go, a glimpse into what the heck I have been talking about.  If we ever finish them, I will post pictures of our updated bathroom and kitchen.  Until then.


Katie and Van said...

WoW! I love them. Howard is pretty cool :) I would've died and gone to heaven at this age with that kind of bed. Exciting!

Katie Bell said...

Love it! Thanks for the feature...can't wait to see it all finished.

Patty said...

That is sooo cool!! What lucky girls- they have a Mom with oodles of creative talent and a Dad who can help bring it to life!

Karen said...

Thank you for posting pictures! I can rest at ease now. Those beds are awesome! I bet it makes their room so much more roomy. :-)

Helen & Bill said...

Gotta love it! Aren't you the lucky one to have married such a handy man. Thanks for the photos, I simply could not visualize it. Now I can! Lucky girls!

Bec and Doug said...

Mary would so love to have something like that in her room. It's kind of smallish so it would give her more floor space. Not that she'll ever get that unless your family wants to visit CO again and build some for us... We're not quite as handy over here.