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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chevy's on a Monday night-review

Last night we decided to go out to eat at Chevy's.  Howard was about to leave on his trip to Colorado, and wanted some good Mexican food before he headed off to the land of nasty Mexican food with a drought of good salsa.

Sadly, this is not what we got at Chevy's.  Most of the time, it is awesome, with out of this world fajitas, excellent service and delicioso salsa.  The platters are sizzling hot, so much that I burned myself pretty good on one our first time back in CA.  Last night, the salsa was inconsistent.  The waiter was either waiting too many tables, or absent-minded.  We had the meals from other tables brought to us not once, but twice!  This includes packs of tortillas tossed on our table, then picked up and tossed to the correct table.  I think at the very least, they should have been given fresh tortillas.

Howard had fajitas, which were good, as usual, no complaints there.  Emma said her kids burrito was not good.  That is not good, considering the kid will eat frozen burritos happily.  I had a carnitas fajita burrito.  Sounds good, but it was not.  I had the nastiest fattiest piece of meat, with veins and whatnot in it.  It was also runny, to the point that I could have used a spoon.  Speaking of which, we had to ask for spoons for the kids applesauce and I didn't get one for the mega runny pinto beans that were a side.  My shirt suffered from trying to eat it with a fork. The tamalito was good.  I could have used an extra scoop of it to sop us the runnyness of my burrito.

There was no Sierra Mist/Sprite.  There were no kid cups or even lids for the small cups for the kids.  Not good for a company that is starting a 2 free kid meals with one adult meal on Saturdays promotion.  With the arrival of two sets of meals that weren't ours, our wait was longer than usual.  We actually finished all of the activities in the kids menu, including MadLibs and the dots and boxes game. There was a long time lag where the kids were left waiting for the dessert that accompanies their meals.  Kids get antsy.  Parents realize kids are about to lose it.  We were hoping the kids cones would get to us already so we could just go.  Nope, they were out of kids cones, so we got assorted bowls of ice cream in varying amounts.  Then we had to wait for the bill, then for it to be processed. 

I realize this was a holiday evening, but President's day isn't really a big event.  I have seen more people in the restaurant at 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.  The service was so inconsistent.  I do have to applaud the busboys for being in good humor and being nice as they stepped around the kids from an nearby table who thought it was free range night. 

We have decided that it will be a while before we go back, even with kids eating free.  We weren't traumatized, or left with intestinal distress like our visit to On the Border, but it was not a good experience.

*disclaimer:  I have not been compensated in any way, shape or form for this review.  This was an unsolicited review.  Really, its just a vent in a review format.

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