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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday fun day

To celebrate Howard's return from CO, we went on a field trip today to the Jelly Belly factory.  All you homeschool scoffers, be advised, Anne did a Latin lesson and Emma did a math lesson before we left, not to mention the informative nature of the field trip. 

While I was getting ready, Sarah and Laura used a kid tactic and asked if they could bring the little girl next door.  I don't hear so well in the shower with the fan on and the door closed, so I guess I agreed when I was yelling ,"What, I can't hear you?" Howard and I really didn't mind though, so we took the neighbor girl along with us.  She told us our car was "amazing", I guess because we can fit 8 people in it? We got to be the family with 6 kids and it was fun.  We like having an extra seat for a friend, so we will keep it that way.

We took the scenic route along the Sacramento River.  It was a beautiful drive.  Anne wants to go back with Grandpa Bill for some photography sessions.  She said she can't wait!  Homes with character, old store fronts, half-sunk houseboats, water towers, you name it.We listened to Radio Disney as long as we had reception and the little girls screamed like they were on a roller coaster pretty much the whole time.

Howard and Adam being silly in line
The line at the Jelly Belly factory was nothing like the one in the picture.  Turns out, Solano County schools were out for the day and the factory was a prime destination.  The wait wasn't too long, however and the tour was great.  No pictures allowed, but trust me, it was quite informative.  Plus we picked up 5 bags of Belly Flops. Sweet!

After the tour, we headed to Dixon and ate at Mary's Pizza Shack.  I love Mary's!  We had classic pepperoni pizza, house salads and bread sticks.  So delicious!  Plus, we got to watch the dough for our pizza being thrown. Almost everyone fell asleep on the drive home.  Thankfully not Howard, driving our Amazing Suburban.

Heather gave us a call and let us know we could pick up Derek's toddler bed for Adam, plus a tricycle and a push car.  So Howard and I headed all the way over to the Nelson's, then took down the crib, and now Adam has a big boy bed.  He was so funny.  As soon as he saw it, he said, "Mine."  We put the little kids to bed.  Not long after, he came out riding his Retro Rocket with a look on his face that said, "This new bed is awesome! Now I can get up and play!"  It didn't take much to get him to stay in bed and sleep, thank goodness.

Altogether, I'd say it was a satisfactory day.  Tomorrow will bring: mowing the lawn, (yes, in February!) trying to convince Howard to paint the bathroom, a basketball game, building a workbench of some sort in the garage, lots of sleeping in and napping, planning our garden and of course, playing outside, because we can.


Karen said...

okay, I'm officially missing CA now! Thanks a lot. The Jelly Belly Factory will have to be one of our stops this summer. We love belly flops!

Helen & Bill said...

Sounds like it was a sweet day.

Shirley said...

hi! I just found your blog through Latter Day Homeschooling. I'm in Cali as well. Do you know of any good homeschooling groups in the Carmichael/Sacto area? I've got a very mature 6 year old who needs to hang out with older kids, instead of our preschool age friends all the time! lol