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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6 things

I realize its been a while since I posted.  I have been busy living a fairy tale life.  How, you might ask?  Well, I got to be Cinderella and scrubbed my kitchen and dining room floors on my hands and knees.  I got to be Rapunzel and got my hair cut, a bit shorter than intended.  And I got to have my Prince Charming home with me during his vacation.  See, life is one fairy tale after another.

Now that vacation is over we are back to real life.  We have some ideas for the upcoming month.  Not resolutions, since those are stupid.
1.  Study rockets.  This was brought about by the kids discovering that we have a rocket kit in the garage.  I have been waiting for them to ask about it. We will be suspending some scheduled science to capitalize on this interest.

2. Study Australia.  Annie was fed up with her history program, so I am having her read more living books and watch movies.   The Man from Snowy River was a hit.  Rabbit Proof Fence is on hold and we have lots of books from the library.  We have already learned about Ned Kelly, who was a bad dude.

3. Have some sort of birthday something for Emma. Her birthday is on the same day as the 49ers game, so we will have to think of something for Friday, maybe?

4.  Institute a quiet time for Laura and Sarah.  Their late afternoon tantrums are getting old.  Thank goodness our library has kid books on cd.  This week:  Olivia and Diary of a Spider.

5. Play in the tree in the backyard as much as possible when it isn't raining.  We did some trimming of the fig tree and it is perfect for climbing and swinging at the moment.

6.  Get the giveaway going.

Those are our 5 realistic goals  and one optimistic goal for January.  What are yours?


Tristan said...

Fun goals - my kids would love a climable tree in the yard.

We love audio books for quiet time - have you checked to see if your library has downloadable ones? Mine offers a site with downloadable ebooks, Kindle books, and audio books. We use the audio books from there often!

Patty said...

What great goals! (And I prefer goals to resolutions, too!)
Rabbit Proof Fence was a very moving film. I hope you enjoy it.
Honestly, I haven't had the time or inclination to even think up goals, much less actually write them down. Guess I'm a slacker lately. Sigh.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Rachel,
Saying 'Hi' from the Crew. I LOVE the fairy tale life analogy. Brilliant!

Hope you will have a blessed year.

Blessings to you and yours.