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Thursday, January 19, 2012

15 years!

As of yesterday morning, Howard and I have been married for 15 years!  Holy cow.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it seems so long ago.  When I look at pictures of that day, we were so young!  We've grown up quite a bit since then, and grown stouter too!  I still love that man, more even than I did then, which I didn't think was possible.

We celebrated by taking Laura and Adam to the doctor.  Adam needs a nebulizer for his cold and serious lotion for his sandpaper rash.  Laura needs steroid cream for her rash.  If neither rash clears up in the next few weeks, they will be referred to a dermatologist.  Laura was referred yesterday to an ENT about her gigantic tonsils that will most likely need to come out.  Then we headed to the store for some bread and milk.  Aren't you envious of our romantic day?

When we returned, we gave the older kids the rest of the day off, while Howard tried to sleep off his cold.  It sounds like a free clinic in here with everyone coughing and asking for more tissue, more tissue.

Anne, Emma and Sarah wrote notes for us, and Anne finagled a free redbox code.  After the kids went to bed, we watched Cowboys and Aliens.  Just as I was about to fall asleep at the close of this memorable day, Laura woke up, most likely due to her sleep apnea/snoring and started screaming.  I trudged to her side, attended to her needs, and returned to bed, without even pausing to contemplate the milestone we reached.

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Helen & Bill said...

Seems like yesterday to me. Wait! You couldn't possibly have 5 kids overnight. A lot has happened in those years and you have a lovely family and a love that is intact and strong. Congratulations!