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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Adam has reached the age of obsession.  His love?  Eve from Wall-E.  He watches Wall-E every day.  He walks around the house looking for Eevah.  If you put him on the phone, he asks for her.  He has been sleeping with a Wall-E book from the library.  He also loves the song Sunday Clothes that is in the movie, from Hello Dolly!  Anne thinks it is awesome that Adam loves Eve.  Sadly for Adam, there is not much Wall-E merchandise out there.  Hopefully Santa will be able to find something.  


Over Yonder said...

That movie is so cute! Oh and I'm number 60 on your followers list!

Baileys said...

ToysRUs has EVE and Wall-E pez dispensers... I happen to be hunting for EVE items as well - why can't they obsess over the title character of a current movie?! If you find anything good, let me know!

Kelly said...

I LOVED that movie! Hope Santa finds something EVE related for Christmas! Stopping by from the Crew! Merry Christmas!