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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am so tired of being sick.  I have been sick for a week now.  Before that, I was almost better from the cold I had before for 2 weeks.  This time, karma is coming back at me.  I have been teasing Howard that he wasn't really sick, that he just had the manflu.  On Monday though, this cold knocked me on my bum.  I thought I was sick on Sunday, but whoa nellie! 

I have been spending my days on the couch or in my bed.  Annie has been doing her schoolwork, of course.  I am pretty sure that she even had me give her a Latin lesson, but I could have hallucinated that.  She finished her Elementary Spanish for the year  this week and has begun a 365 picture project.  Emma has been taking advantage of me being ill and has been trying to get away with not doing any schoolwork.  Luckily, in a more lucid moment, I printed out a lapbook on the Black Death that coincided with her history lesson.  Also, she did math from her too-easy Life of Fred Dogs book.  She can't do her language arts until I am well enough to take them to the library, but she can do spelling (insert evil laughter). 

The little kids have been crawling all over me in bed and on the couch.  Sarah has been working in one of those Total Skills workbooks from Costco.  She asked me questions, and it turned out I gave the right answers.  Hooray for autopilot.  Annie has also been helping out.  She has been setting goals to get up early and do her chores and she is rocking those goals. 

Annie got the little girls Bendaroos for Christmas and those things have been a life saver. 

I have been drinking this Gypsy cold remedy tea and it better work, as it is nasty.

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Helen & Bill said...

Hang in there; this too will pass.
What a great support Annie is!