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Thursday, September 29, 2011

not so deep thoughts

We made a crazy wrong choice last week, to go with satellite internet instead of regular DSL.  Let me say, never again.  We had it installed on Friday and by Monday we had an account with our local phone/internet provider.  We now officially have dsl and a land line.   I love not having to wait forever for pages to load.  I love that we can stream netflix without going over our limit and then getting dropped to dial-up speed. 
What do I not love?  That I have only found 1 of our 3 phones. I did find the base with the answering machine, so that is good.  Its odd just having the one phone.  It makes me think about when I was a kid and we had the one phone in the kitchen with the mega long twisty cord so one could duck into a closet or go in the backyard to get some privacy, potentially clothes-lining anyone not looking where they are going.  So even though we just have the one phone, at least it isn't tethered to the wall.


Riddle Girl said...

Now you have made me want to go out and buy one of those old "hang on the wall" phones. Then my girls can learn to try and "find" privacy like we had to so many decades ago!!! :)

Patty said...

Wow... the "good old days" of corded phones- I hadn't thought of those in ages!! And the cord always ended up stretched out and would hang funny, curling up on itself. What a blessing cordless phones are!! (Thanks for reminding me!)

Helen & Bill said...

I kind of liked those old phones. You got a marvelous kink in your neck as you tried to multitask. I do remember Rachel sitting in a closet talking on the phone. Thanks for the memory. Love you!