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Monday, October 3, 2011

This week-the plan

By plan, I mean the vague intentions, which will invariably fall through  as that is the way we roll.

-find an envelope to mail off a form
-start learning/teaching Latin with Annie
-hopefully get the curriculum that we ordered last week so we can finally get the ball rolling
-mail off private school affadavit
-order birthday gifts for Annie
-put training wheels on Laura's bike
-get library cards so we can check out books
-go to the Galt Market so we can see what the hubbub is about
-get a birthday card to Heather.  There is really no excuse now that she lives 2 minutes away.
-read new Ensign
-install towel bars that don't attack me every time I turn around
-pick a trim color.  Just because someone loves a color does not mean the house should be painted that color.  Plum.  Its great for shirts and fruit, but not trim.
-get a citrus juicer so I can make lemon/lime bars with our own fruit.

How many of these things will actually happen?  maybe 3??

Woohoo, its Wed at noon and we did 7 of those things already.  Go us!

1 comment:

Patty said...

Dang... and I thought I was doing good to make out a menu and shopping list before 3 pm!! lol (Okay, so I did a bit more than that... but not much, at least not today!)
You're really amazing!!