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Monday, June 20, 2011

We have our first showing tomorrow.  A potential renter is coming by with our property manager at 11am.  I am kind of nervous.  I had to go through the house and put sticky notes on all the areas that will be finished/painted.  Lots of stickies.  Carbon Monoxide alarm to be installed here.  This door to be replaced.  This door to be painted.  This rail to be painted.  So much to do, so little time. 

Today my dad and maybe my brother?  went and drove by some houses we are interested in.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to get to see some of them with our realtor.  Its a bit scary, to potentially be buying a house we have never seen.  I am glad I have family willing to go look at it for me.  They drove by one yesterday and today begged me not to buy it.  I wasn't going to, but wanted to show them what we are up against.  The majority of the homes we can afford are trashed, ancient, on main thoroughfares or are totally tiny.  One of them our realtor hasn't been able to get into because the people are digging in their heels and don't want to leave, even though the house is listed as a short-sale. 

On a totally unrelated note, Adam has a tooth.  He will now give people 5.  He can point to his deddydutton.  And he has lost another ounce.  We will have to seriously supplement his food intake now, with either carnation instant breakfast or pediasure.  He is still refusing most food at mealtimes. 

Laura is obsessed with Starfall.  She plays it everyday.  She especially loves the songs. She asks for Backpack bear.  She likes the All About Me section.  She can make herself and all her siblings.  She has made an alien.  She likes to play on most sections of it.  She is learning her letters and sounds.  And she is having fun.  There is a song on there about going to Sacramento with a washboard on my knee.  She was talking about moving with Annie.  Annie said we are moving to Sacramento and Laura asked, "With a washboard on my knee?"  Annie said no.  Now when Laura hears the song she says, "I going to Sacramento, but no washboard."

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Helen & Bill said...

It is getting exciting and nerve wracking too. I'm hoping Dad and Roberta find a home suitable for the Hughes family.
Finally a tooth! It took long enough! Be sure to bring your washer, not a washboard when you come to Sacramento. It'll be great to have you living closer and seeing you all more often. Can't wait!