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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few things

Let me just begin by saying, I think my contact lens is causing the twitching.  I can feel it rotate and then the twitching begins.  Too bad I missed my second eye appointment too. 

 We are not going to be taking the wooden bunk beds with us to CA.  Knowing this, Annie and I sanded down the vintage metal bed and painted it gray.  Then my ADD struck hard and I moved it into Sarah and Laura's room before the room was clean and without talking to anyone.  A local company called offering carpet cleaning for an insane price and I agreed to it, also without consulting with anyone.  Last night found Howard and me cleaning our room and Adam's room.  This morning I woke up at around 7 to work on the girls' room, as the carpet dudes were coming at 9.  The end result:
Next on the list:  staging the house as a prospective renter will be coming by on Tuesday. 
The family room needs to be painted.  The school room looks like a tornado went through it and the basement room needs to be stage to look like a sweet guest room.  And of course, math and language arts for Annie and Emma. 


Helen & Bill said...

wow! It looks great and I like the vintage beds. Have fun with the staging.

Helen & Bill said...

I also like the new life you gave to the mirror.

Patty said...

Wow. Just reading about everything you've been up to wears me out! I love how you take things and make them look so gorgeous. You truly have a talent for that.