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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sarah turns 5

Breakfast in bed at 6:45, so she could have Daddy there too

Playdoh from her siblings

Rapunzel dress that she has been talking about non-stop since the movie first came out

Tent that I made

Sarah requested a heart shaped watermelon cake. 

Tried really hard to get a shot of her blowing out the candle

It was a sparkly green "5" candle.  She loves green


Helen & Bill said...

Looks like the birthday girl had a great morning. Howard and Rachel, nice job on the cake. That's the first heart-shaped watermelon I've ever seen! Beautiful dress, beautiful Sarah.

Deila said...

cute cake, I love it. We always let our kids pick what they wanted on their cake, or how they wanted it decorated, and they would help sometimes. They have good memories.

April said...

Wow - she was truly princess for a day!

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