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Monday, June 13, 2011

Signs that moving is stressing me out

1.  My left eye keeps twitching uncontrollably.  I am paranoid that I am getting Bell's palsy.

2.  I keep doing laundry, like obsessively.  I hate doing laundry, so it must be stress.

3.  Emma is driving me more crazy than usual.  She will be lucky if she ends up moving with us.

4.  Last Tuesday I drove the girls to piano lessons, then remembered their lessons are on Wednesday.  On Wednesday I dropped them off, only to have Robyn confirm that the lesson was really on Tuesday after all.

5.  I let my Primary class play hangman after our lesson ended 10 minutes early.  That has never happened, in 2 1/2 years of teaching.

6.  We had macaroni and cheese for dinner and I didn't even care that there wasn't any veggie to go with it.  I have no plans for dinner for any night this week, or really until we leave for our reunion in a month!

7.  The downstairs bathroom is the only clean room in the house.  Really.  I have been hiding in there to get some peace, and cleaning while I am hiding.

8.  I know there has to be a number 8, but I can't remember what it is.  Oh yeah, I keep forgetting information.  Like my eye appointment.  Crud, did I miss it again today?? 

9.  I keep starting projects and not finishing them.  So far, I have a bathroom cabinet that has been sanded, painted, covered with dust from other projects and now needs to be sanded and repainted.  I also have a vintage metal bed frame whose foot rail is painted and now needs the head piece sanded (leaving dust all over the cabinet) and then painted.  Note:  when using glossy gray paint, one cannot substitute gray auto primer.  It will not look good and the piece will need to be sanded.  I started revamping Sarah's dresser to match the cute little white one.  I have replaced the knobs and that is it. 

10.  Totally didn't notice until putting away laundry today that the cute little white dresser is actually an Ethan Allen piece.  The whole time I was working on it I didn't notice the brand in the drawers.

11.  I have been letting the girls have friends over, knowing the house is a total wreck, and I only slightly cared when one friend asked if we ever clean our house.  Yes, I did clean for 3 hours the next day, but about 20 minutes after I was done, it was a disaster again.  Note:  stop letting the girls watch Hoarders with me.  I think they are getting home decorating ideas and not in a good way.

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Helen & Bill said...

Very funny post. Maybe when your kids are a little older, well, maybe a lot older, you can write books of amusing anecdotes. You've got talent. Maybe a requirement for having friends over can be to clean before they come, and after they leave. Love you!