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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toddler trays

This is Annie working with Laura on pouring.  I picked up a princess tea set with this in mind from Dollar Tree.
I didn't know until today that Laura can sort by color. 

She did eat a good number of them but that is why we used cereal

I got the idea for trays for the little ones from another blog.  It sounded good.  Hopefully it will help keep them from watching TV all day.  I know, memorizing all the Disney movies is an essential life skill, but there are other things to know.

Sarah made and ate several necklaces today.  She also used playdoh and the basic shapes from HWOT to form several letters and numbers.  I have plans to make a Mat Man next week, along with having Sarah and Laura feel shapes and letters in a bag and describe them to me.  Watercolors may make an appearance.  Colored noodles may fight their way to the trays also, along with our good friends, paper plates.

  I have no idea why I haven't been doing cool stuff with the little kids.  I guess I am finally comfortable with how I am schooling and what I want us to accomplish.  I am not defensive anymore, nor do I care what others say.  I am tailoring my kids learning to suit them best.  Amazingly, this leaves me more relaxed and willing to play and spend more time with my kids.

I have tomorrow off from official homeschooling.  Sarah may want to do more "school" or just play with friends.  Either way, its all good.


Katie Bell said...

What nice almost makes me think about homeschooling, almost. Then I remember I'm not cool like you and the thought quickly evaporates.

Helen & Bill said...

Way to go Rachel! Your girls are fortunate that you put so much into their learning in creative ways. Keep it up>

Diamond said...

I did a salt tray with Alayna when she was little. You pour the salt in a tray and write with your fingers. I also used rice for our pouring and measuring spoon games. Why don't I do this with the preschooler I have now?