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Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of school

First Day of School
Laura, Sarah, Emma and Annie
The reading corner
The toddler table
The big table
The calendar, bookshelf and chalkboard
The lovely bins

Annie said I went a little overboard with the labeling.  I personally love when everything is in its place and clearly labeled.  I even labeled the clothing drawers for the little kids.

We started school Wednesday morning, around 8:45 am.  The girls flew through their subjects.  Emma said its easy.  She didn't fight at all.  In fact, she snuck in early and did a science lesson.  When I told her we were starting with space and a different lesson, she did it willingly. 

To sum up yesterday:

2 science experiments.  One with shadows, one with copper iodide. Emma tracked a shadow for 2 hours.  Annie heated up a penny and put iodine on it to create a compound different from its components.
Annie started Latin and was pleased that she recognizes many of the words or forms of the words.
Emma noticed that her literature passage was from the Bible.
Emma  discovered that typing games can be fun, especially when they have ghosts.
Sarah became familiar with the shapes from Handwriting without tears and even wrote her name!
Laura outwitted us all, went upstairs and watched Woody and Buzz. :)
Sarah  worked on her glue skills, gluing gems.  She also did puzzles.
Annie is starting to research the Panama Canal
Emma found Colorado on the map and globe
Adam got bored and has convinced us he needs an exersaucer, soon.

There was no fighting or arguing from anyone and we finished by 2:00pm.  It was an ideal day.


Helen & Bill said...

Extremely impressive! My grandkids also look amazingly cute. Good job Rachel.

Mark said...

The thing about labels is, they only work if you put stuff away HaHaHa It looks awesome!!