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Monday, July 12, 2010

Denver Zoo

Its true, we actually went to the zoo. We haven't been there since Sarah was a baby and Chloris was here to visit with Grandma Mary and it snowed. I haven't been motivated to go since I think animals in captivity are kind of sad. I realized all of a sudden on July 3 that my younger kids have never seen many of the animals we read about in books. Howard and I wanted to take the kids on an outing and I blurted out that we should go to the zoo. Everyone but Annie was excited.

Back story here: Annie is not a fan of animals, kind of like Grandma Helen. Plus, the last time she went to the zoo, it was with her 3rd grade class, on her birthday. Her teacher had okayed me being a chaperone for the trip, as I specifically requested this trip, it being on her birthday and all. I turned in my background info, lined up a sitter for Emma and Sarah. Annie was so excited that I was going on a field trip with her, as I had never been able to due to childcare issues. On the day of the trip and Annie's birthday, we went to the school together. Then her teacher says, oh, you aren't chaperoning today, I asked these other parents.Annie almost burst out crying. She was so mad and disappointed. I was pretty ticked too. I was really looking forward to going, even though I don't like zoos. I wanted it to be a fun thing for us to share. I ended up going home, cancelling the sitter, and probably crying as I made her cake. I can't remember, I had blocked it out until July 3. She ended up going on her field trip, getting separated from her class and getting pecked by one of the peacocks, which traumatized her. So she really has no fondness for the zoo.

Anyhow, we went to the zoo on the 3rd. Did I mention that Annie had a 2nd degree burn on her leg? Yeah. We were transporting some soup and she had the container on her lap and the lid popped. Soup everywhere, burn, blisters, peeling skin. Happened on the 2nd, at night.
Annie said she could probably stand to walk around the zoo for a little while. With the help of some tylenol.
It was really hot. like way hot. Like so hot we felt like we were melting. We saw the polar bears. They looked how we felt. We bought some water bottles and Howard was smart and asked for some cups of ice too. We decided against the reptile fish place, which was a wise decision as its way humid in there.

We saw some African animals. And then we left after about 2 hours. But not before converting to an annual pass. Yes, we got a zoo pass. If we go twice its paid for itself, so its a good deal. Annie said that in spite of her burn, it was still better than her 3rd grade field trip. We've already gone back. :)


Bec and Doug said...

The pass is totally worth it. Of course I haven't renewed mine in a few years. Poor Adam has never been to the zoo either. Well maybe when he was like 2 months old, but I'm not sure about that either.

Hope Annie's leg is getting better. Poor girl. At least she didn't get pecked either! Woohoo!

Katie Bell said...

It's like I don't even know you anymore....

Helen & Bill said...

a day at the zoo is always fun, UNLESS it's bloody hot. I bet the kids still had a good time.