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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday night softball

Emma and Annie have both been playing softball this summer. Their games have been on Wednesday nights, same park, different fields, sometimes at the same time, sometimes not. Emma has been playing coach pitch, which is mostly the same as softball, except with 5 strikes and 8 players bat, unless there are actual outs in the field. Emma is good at batting. And talking with her team mates. Emma picked the name for her team, Red Foxes.

Emma gets a hit

Sarah waiting in the stands

Laura telling us all about it

Adam sleeping during the game
En Fuego signing a ball for their coach

Annie had her final game after Emma's. There are no pictures of the actual game because there was thunder and lightning. The game was on delay for 10 minutes and then I elected to stay in the car with the kids while her team played in the rain. When the game was delayed the score was 11 to 1, the other team in the lead. When the game finally ended, it was 14-10. Her team really rallied against the other team, who beat them by about 11 runs the last time they faced off. It was a respectable end to a learning season.
Annie is signed up for fall ball and Emma is considering it.

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Helen & Bill said...

Way to go girls! It's quite challenging having more than 1 child playing at a time. Annie's team had an awesome comeback. I'm glad the girls had a good season.