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Sunday, July 11, 2010

All about Sarah

Sarah means princess. Our Sarah has taken it upon herself to be our resident princess. She loves dresses, flowery clothes, pink, sparkles and sequins.She turned 4 last month. We let her host her very first birthday party. The theme: princesses.
Her friends came in princess dress, some complete in heels. They colored pictures, played put Cinderella in the castle, Which princess am I? a princess take away game where they have to remember which items were on a tray and they finished with their favorite game, find the apples to save Snow White. They played it at least 7 times. They ate cupcakes with princess decorations and then went and played in Sarah's room. Only the birthday girl cried, so it was a success.

On her actual birthday, Sarah had breakfast in bed. She requested pancakes, bacon and toast and we gave her berries and orange juice too. She asked for a doll stroller and playdoh. Easy enough.

We surprised her with some new toy food. A cupcake set was so fun!

She also asked for a heart necklace. Grandma and Grandpa gave her two! Seen here are the cupcakes and one of the heart necklaces.

We are so blessed to have Sarah to add some sparkle and dazzle to our lives.


Katie Bell said...

My girls had fun and have since been requesting an ice cream set....thanks a lot.

Helen & Bill said...

Sarah is definitely the "Princess" in your family. The party looked like it was big hit. Sarah has some very nice parents too! She looked very happy.