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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bunk Beds

Sarah and Laura have bunk beds in their room. Why? I don't know. Because they were free and I am cheap. Sarah likes to sleep on the top bunk, but can't have the ladder on. Why? because Laura will climb up there. Then Sarah will get mad and try to push her off. So Sarah is stuck up there for the night.

The nice part? No more Sarah getting up in the middle of the night, wandering into our room and standing next to the bed.

The not so nice? Sarah screaming bloody murder when she wants anything from a drink of water to a book or needing to use the toilet.

Laura has decided that she is sleeping on the bottom bunk. I decided to oblige her and attached her peaceful planet aquarium (originally purchased for Emma in 2003, I said I am cheap!) to the rails.

The nice part? No more crib. When the time comes to potty train she will already be used to the bed.

The not so nice? Laura wandering around the house, into our room, down the stairs, playing with anything not bolted down, and yelling at Sarah for not getting down and playing with her.

I don't know why I do these things to myself. I think it may have something to do with Howard being to busy/sore/tired to remove the top bunk so we can have groovy matching metal beds like my cool friend Katie. I'd do it myself, but I do actually know my limits. Metal bunk beds are beyond the limits.

The good: some day, in about 3 years, I will have kids who all sleep in beds. And hopefully are all potty trained.

The not so good: I will also have a teenager and who knows how that will turn out. Annie is such a drama queen already. Emma will be 10 and starting to get all hormonal and more emotional. And I am sure they will not want to sleep in bunk beds any longer.


Katie Bell said...

I'll come help you! We had two set of bunk beds in one room and we positioned the ladder across the top between the two. And then we created a pulley system to send messages to the other side of the room. EVERYONE should experience bunk beds.

Bec and Doug said...

I survived putting Alex in the bottom bunk with Mary on top a few years ago after he broke out of his crib. (Literally broke the rails out.) They do okay most of the time now so there is hope.

Of course I promised Mary she can have her own room when Adam turns 2, which happens in less than 2 months so I'll most likely be feeling your pain again very soon.

Karen said...

I love that aquarium! I guess I'm cheap too because Josh uses the one I bought in 2002 for Trevor. When he's done with it, I'm thinking of putting it back in my room!