The adventures of a homeschooling family

Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Monday, February 8, 2010

All my children

Annie, in a rush


Sarah, in one of her various states of hair

Laura, for once not looking demented in a picture(not a photogenic kiddo)

And of course, baby doll.

Laura has developed a need to take turns taking pictures of her and this baby. She loves looking at them in the view window of the camera. Seeing this doll doesn't make Howard's day. He thinks its creepy. Looking at it again, it kind of is. But hey, she loves it.


Helen & Bill said...

The girls look way better than the doll. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

Rachel said...

I am looking forward to seeing you. I have an appointment this week, so maybe I can finalize an induction date? I'll also have to check if I can keep all that with the new insurance. Love ya mom.

Katie Bell said...

Creepy....the doll that is, the other ones are fine.