Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gum in the hair: the latest fashion

Today, being a good day, I let the kids have candy. Annie and Emma cleaned and vacuumed their room and cleaned the bathroom. Without being told. Their new netflix movie, Hotel for Dogs, came in the mail so they watched it with a whole bunch of Halloween candy. Annie had some gum, which she gave to Sarah.
After the movie, I retired to my room to fold some of Mt. Laundry. Next thing I know, Annie runs in saying that Sarah has gum in her hair. No biggie, I think to myself. I can handle gum. But I had forgotten about the quality of Sarah's hair. Sarah has pretty much no hair. What she has is thin and wispy. It has taken her two years to grow the scraggles that adorn her head. Because of the thin hair situation, trying to separate the strands of hair resulted in lots of hair being pulled out. Not good when hair is sparse. And so, two years worth of growth was snipped off, just like that. Pictures to follow, when I have time. Not before and after, just after.


Helen & Bill said...

Too late now, but peanut butter takes gum out. Hair grows back and who knows, maybe thicker.

Katie Bell said...

Buck up Sarah, Benjamin Franklin didn't have hair either.