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Friday, January 22, 2010

What is that noise? and other news

Thursday nights around here are the one night that we need the older two girls to go to sleep on time. They have school the next morning and need to be out the door by 8:30 am. Most other nights they stay up talking, playing with their American Girl dolls, reading thrilling books, like the Lightning Thief, etc.
Last night, after reading the Book of Mormon as a family, saying prayers and doing the pajamas and teeth thing, we heard what sounded like talking coming from their room. Instead of yelling at them, Howard snuck up to see what they were up to. They were taking turns reading aloud from the Bible. They decided to stop when they reached a bunch of "begats", as that tired them out. We were very impressed by their desire to read the real Bible, as opposed to the picture storybook.
Go Annie and Emma.

And now for the the news: Howard has been offered a job! One with benefits and all that good grown up stuff. Hooray! We don't know the $ specifics yet but it will most certainly pay more than his current job. We have been thankful for his current job but will benefit greatly from being able to pay all our bills. :) We are all pretty excited. The girls are happy about staying in our house, we are happy about staying in our house. We are very grateful and are very blessed.


Amy said...

Good for them. Thank goodness you didn't yell (that's what I would have done). You can't be mad at them for reading the Bible.

Helen & Bill said...

Hurray for the girls! Congrats to Howard on the new job. So happy for all of you. Who says prayers aren't answered?

Rebecca said...

We are most happy you are able to stay in your house.