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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Better late than never, Halloween pics

Annie chose a mouse design for her pumpkin.

Emma chose a bat.

Sarah chose a pirate flag. I didn't choose anything, as I ended up finishing the carving on all of them.

This is the only picture I have of any of them in costume. They were not willing to pose this year. Oh, and if you are reading, commenting would be nice.


Helen & Bill said...

Emma looks cute and shiny! Those pumpkins must have looked great in person>

Rebecca said...

Since I read, I will comment. Emma looks cute, and the pumpkins look nice.

Diamond said...

I don't have any pics in costume this year either! I gave the camera to Paul while they were out, and he didn't touch it.

I also think you're brave for carving. So far we only paint, little ones.

Katie Bell said...

Bryce thinks that you should call your blog "the many hughes of life". There, I've told you, so if he asks....

Happily Ever After said...

I'm reading, so I'm writing.
Awesome pumpkins! Emma is adorable!