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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last night Howard and I took Annie to her first musical. We saw Wicked and it was awesome! We left home early enough to eat at Olive Garden, which Annie has only been to once. Then we headed to Denver and walked on the 16th street mall for a bit.

We kept missing the mall shuttle so we really had to walk. We finally managed to catch it on the way back, so Annie got to ride that too. Then we headed to the theater and settled down for the show.

None of us knew what the story line was, just that it was the story of the witches. It was really good and the singing was amazing. Annie was able to see because Howard got an aisle seat for her. She said she doesn't think she will ever be able to sing like that. I think she really liked it.

There were a few downsides. The show went later than we thought it would. Annie was asleep by the time we got home. We had a very tired babysitter too. ALso, I lent Annie my sweater so she could sit on her knees. Bad idea. I knew there was wool in it but I never realized there was rabbit hair. Luckily Annie noticed the hives right away so her reaction was minimal. She managed to not scratch and still enjoy the show.

It was a wonderful night, overall. I look forward to being able to have fun nights out with each of the girls. Not until they are 10 though. Gotta give us some breathing room.


Helen & Bill said...

What a great evening you provided for Annie. I'm sure you and Howard had a great time too. Heather, her mom, and Olivia also went to see Wicked. Haven't heard how it went. Glad you all enjoyed it. Love ya!

Diamond said...

Paul wouldn't let us take a picture in the theatre because of the sign. It didn't matter that EVERYONE else was or that it wasn't going to be a pic of the show. But, I did buy the "Popular" shirt. The kids love the sparkly bubbles on it.