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Howard and Rachel
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today we are having a Life Skills Day. In other words, I can't take the mess anymore so the kids have to clean up all their "projects." This includes various random pieces of craft paper scattered throughout the house, half-finished drawings of fairy princesses, rough drafts of books long forgotten, and of course, the sippy cup of who-knows-what that was taken to the playroom without permission
Sadly, the kids still have to do at least math today. Which they won't even begin until the school room looks like a schoolroom, not like a school supply store blew up.


Happy day. I love when it is clean. Or at least not embarrassing. :)


David and Heather said...

We had an afternoon of cleaning up at our house today too, Rachel. Pretty crazy that our plans matched again (without even talking). Too funny. Say hi to everyone for me.

Helen & Bill said...

Wow, What a difference!