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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I found a history lesson plan for Annie, hooray. I have reserved all the books from the library. I have a shopping list that includes lots of posterboard. I haven't really been doing much for history with her. Mainly she has been reading historical fiction, doing a book report and learning the location of the 50 states. She and I have been looking for something more structured. Come Tuesday she won't know what hit her!

I even reserved lots of books for Emma's history and she has items on the shopping list also, including air drying clay and incense. Oh the fun we will have!

Amazingly I am feeling motivated again. I am happy and excited about the upcoming week of schooling. And I am happy that all the toys are in the toy room. And, oddly enough, I am happy about being able to do laundry whenever I want.


Amy said...

So what is your history curriculum going to be?

Rachel said...

I googled CORE knowledge and found a site with free lesson plans organized by grade. I clicked around until I found one I liked that went with the subject matter, the American Revolution. Its called, "The Times that try men's souls." Its a 4-6 course, with each day planned. Then when we move on I will find another one. Good stuff, and free!

Patty said...

You homeschool too?? I swear you're wonder woman in disguise!! (Except that you're a lot prettier!)