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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Howard is starting a new job on Tuesday. He is pretty excited about it. It is just maintenence at two YMCA's but at least its something. He will be a productive member of society once again. And Mary and Carl are moving out on Friday. They are going back to Oklahoma where they own a home. I am getting my house back all in one week! I am pretty excited about that. Anyone who has lived with in laws knows of my joy.

I am thinking about making the basement into a toy room. Then I can have a cleaner room to do school work in. We have been using the dining room table more and more because of the toy mess in the back room. Then, hopefully, the mess would stay in the basement and not scatter all over the house.

Hooray for my house back. I will no longer feel like the desposed queen of my castle.

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Katie Bell said...

Congratulations...again...and again...and again! You should come over for lunch to celebrate. I'll call you.