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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Car trouble

Today the car died. It wasn't unexpected. The kids have been leaving interior lights on since we bought it. Sometimes it would start in the mornings in spite of this. This time it was too much for the 8 year old battery. Emma got something out of the van on Monday and left the switch for all interior lights on. Her excuse was that she thought the front seats were mummies and was too scared to turn the lights off. And she was too adhd to tell us about it.

I found this out the hard way. This morning I really needed to go to the store to get some woman stuff, only to find that the car was very dead. Instead I loaded up the stroller and we headed to Walgreens. The temp was about 30 degrees when we got back. It isn't a long walk but it was quite cold. The gallon of milk made the stroller that much heavier on the way back. I will admit to being a bit angry and possibly yelling at Emma and telling both kids they were being stupid when they couldn't unlock the door to the house to let us in. I also admit that I apologised to them after said name calling. And after I finally ate breakfast at 11 I was much calmer.

I really have no idea why I didn't just call Sara and aske her for a ride. Possibly because its embarrassing to ask for sanitary napkins??? What's done is done.

We did have a pretty good school day in spite of our bad beginning. Emma aced adding 0 to a number. I know, its not that hard but I didnt even have to teach it, she gave me this look, like "this is too easy Mom". She managed to spill gatorade all over her work first. It wasn't until the papers dried out that she realized it was so easy. And now her desk is a glorious color

Annie did really well today too. For art she drew and painted a great picture of the checkout at Walgreens. The assignment was to draw details about something in your life. She even drew the gum/chapstick racks. Its good.

Annie made up a family schedule today. Oddly enough the amount of time for TV is equal to school time. Hmm, don't know if we'll be sticking to it.

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charlesmarkley said...

Time to lock the doors?