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Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday is my Friday. Yup, on Thursday all day long I have that Friday feeling. Why? Because the kids go to school on Fridays. I get to run errands with the two girls who don't complain about it. I have the option to clean my house while the little ones are napping. Not that I exercise that option but still its there. And I can't help thinking about the fact that Howard is home on the weekends. I love that. I am so looking forward to when he has time off for Christmas too.

As an update, I am reading the Five in a Row manual and think its interesting. I have contacted k12 to find out information about enrolling next year. I am airing the girls costumes, and have tacked Emma's straps down. I have reserved spots for them in gymnastics starting in January. And I found the lovely blue eyeshadow they need for their rehearsal tonight. Now I just need to track down the hairnets, bobby pins, hair putty and the hairspray.

More time with Howard means more choice family time like this

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Crystal said...

Well, happy late Friday. :]