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Friday, November 28, 2008

We have had another good Thanksgiving. Howard decided to brine the bird and it was wonderful. I am thankful once again for a husband who enjoys making the whole meal, except for rolls.
Also I am thankful that Annie is learning on her own again. I said earlier that we went to the store and bought books on Thanksgiving. She took it upon herself to write a report on it and present it after dinner. She also initiated a session of "I am thankful for..."
She finished the first book in her language arts. She sent a letter to the chamber of commerce asking for state information. She wants to learn about the Revolutionary War. I told her that what we are studying leads up to why the war was fought. She thought that made sense and would like to learn faster! She also sat and watched a special on the White House yesterday and found it very interesting.
I am thankful that Emma is recognizing more words. Her new big one: wilderness. I had no idea that she would absorb so much from reading the Book of Mormon. She is all over the room when we read and has to be called over to read her verse. She reads it and then her attention is lost again. I think its a process though. She will become familiar with the language and by the time she is Annie's age she will understand it better. She already has "And it came to pass..." down really well. I think reading it reinforces what she learns from her reading program. In addition she reads at night with Annie. This practice is good for both of them. Annie learns by teaching and Emma enjoys it much more than doing her formal lesson. Tonight she came down and read the title "Kirsten Learns a Lesson". She likes the American Girl books and that is a good thing.

Total change of topic. We scored at the Black Friday sales today. I don't normally go but Howard wanted me to go with him this year. We got to Walmart at 4 am. We managed to get girls jeans in 6, 7, 8, and 10. We got new hoodies for the older girls, jeans for Howard and I, towels, and Christmas stuff for the girls. Our kids wear size 6 and 7, the bigger sizes were stocking up for the future. Then we went to Old Navy and got more clothes. Howard had a 10% code in his wallet and we saved even more. In case anyone is wondering about all the clothes, we don't really buy clothes until we get a good sale and then we stock up. The girls have been wearing the same pairs of jeans every Friday for school. We also got them each a new shirt. Annie is growing slowly but surely and has finally outgrown her size 6 shirts, just in time for Emma to wear the ones in good condition.
I got a new sweater so I won't be wearing the maroon hoodie I got in 8th grade as often. I also managed to get Laura another pair of pants to accomodate her belly and thighs. Sarah got another pair of fleece pants. She really only wears fleece pants and stretch pants, maybe because of her eczema?? Otherwise she wears dresses but refuses to wear tights. With the colder weather I really need her to be warm.

There is no rhyme or reason to this post, just thought I'd get some thoughts down.

Need to pay library fines. Need to read Five in a Row manual thingy. Need to read Emma and Annie's math lessons ahead of time. Need to read more about TJ ed. Also be open to k12 as Annie has asked for it for next year. Need to read A Tale of Two Cities. Find cd player for next song in reading program. Need to pay Robyn for November. Need to pay dance for Dec, call about gymnastics. Need to get recital costumes ready.

For tomorrow: hug my kids, enjoy being their mom.


Amy said...

We do K12 and I am really liking it. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Bethany said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!