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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movies and a funeral

The little guy who I used to watch 2 years ago passed away last week. Howard and I went to the funeral today while Anne and Emma were at their American Girl bookclub. It was a lame funeral. The "pastor" talked about himself for a good 35 minutes. The parts that were actually about the little boy were okay but they were few and far between. The pastor liked hearing himself talk. And seriously, its PICTURE, not PITCHER. A pitcher throws a ball or is a vessel for liquid, not a photograph of a person. I am so glad I don't go to that church.

After we picked the girls up we had a brief break until we went to see Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Kit happens to be the American Girl we are reading about for the bookclub. Anne and I went to see it a little while ago. This time I took all 4 girls. I don't really like taking them all somewhere by myself. Its a bit overwhelming. It was an okay movie the second time around too.

When we got home from that Anne and Emma cleaned out the van. It was so icky and gross in there. We were driving to ballet today and I didn't want to have the icky van. So they earned 1 marble for getting the junk out, one for vacuuming and one for putting the junk from the car away. Except they haven't quite put the junk away. But hey, at least I have one clean refuge from the mess in the house. And they have two more marbles to go toward earning Jabba the Hutt. 30 marbles for Jabba. It has taken a while. I think they only need 7 more.

In other news, Howard has gotten too small for his awesome peacoat. He always wanted one so we bought him one last year before his trip to DC to visit the navy. Now though he is swimming in it. He kinda looks like Donald Duck in the old winter cartoon where he has the snowball fight with his nephews. Donald has on this big coat and swings like a bell on a tree. Yup, that is what he looks like in his lovely coat.

*Howard deleted the picture from my account after he sold the beautiful coat so now you have no reference point. :(


Happily Ever After said...

That is so sad about the little boy you babysat, I read about it on bbc. On a happier note, yeah for your hubby's coat being too big! Good for him!

charlesmarkley said...

Good for Howard!