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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emma has finished the first workbook in her reading program! There are 36 steps. The first workbook is the first step. Now we move on to the world of vowels and spelling rules. She gets to pick a prize each time she finishes a step. She picked an orange pineapple ring.

Anne finished up her unit on the early Celts yesterday. She made a dragon brooch. I didn't have solid brown fabric for a cloak so we made do with flowery fabric.

She doesn't have red demon eyes, I was too lazy to edit.

I ordered some new clothes and they arrived yesterday. I am pretty excited. I thought I was getting 3 skirts, a shirt and a pair of jeans. Well the shirt I guess was part of a set and came with a skirt. Good deal. One of the skirts was too big (sweet!) so that will have to go back. Howard can return it when he goes to pay for our shoplifted flip flops. What, we shoplifted?? Yup. We went to Old Navy after dropping Emma off at dance. We had the stroller and not much time. Howard picked out some khakis for work, a button up and two pairs of flip flops. The clothes he tried on and the flip flops went into the bottom of the stroller. We were pressed for time as her class is only 45 minutes. It wasn't until he folded up the stroller to put it in the car that we remembered the flip flops. So sometime this week he will be heading back to pay for them.

Laura had her first session with a speech therapist yesterday. Laura cooed and made noises the whole time. I know, 5 months is a bit young for a therapist but with hearing impaired kids you can't start too young. The therapist also sees Sarah once a month, until her hearing can be confirmed. It happens to be Emma's old therapist. It was cool for Emma to see her again. Plus the therapist has a soft spot for Emma and was surprised by how much she has grown in a year and a half.

I hosted book club last night. I made cinnamon rolls per Katie's request. They turned out okay but not as good as other times. I don't know why. The recipe calls for 8 cups of flour but the dough was still really sticky so I ended up adding at least 2 more cups. Then it rose like crazy. Next month we are reading Beauty. Its a good book.


Katie Bell said...

Hey...nice blog...I liked the profile, especially the little bit about Max. I thought that the cinnamon rolls were scrumptious. I read Beauty yesterday, I think I forgot how good it really was. Although I think you're right, it ends a bit abruptly.

Crystal said...

How fun!

I wish I still was at Old Navy! :[

Bethany said...

Beauty is one of my top 5 favorite books of all time. I probably read it twice a year!